“Rabotata” is an original composition by Inna Dudukina and lyrics by Belyana Hristova. The lyrics are in Bulgarian and translated they mean, “The Daily Grind”. The song gives a description of how we awake every morning with work to be done and even when we think we have finished, a new surprise in life may appear at your doorstep. We had the pleasure of recording this song for the Berklee Jazz Revelations Record with some wonderful Musicians! This specific video was a live performance from our concert entitled “Realms” on September 15, 2015.

Music by: Inna Dudukina

Lyrics by: Belyana Hristova


Vocals: Dashina (Dana Protsenko - Harshitha Krishnan - Inna Dudukina)

Clarinet: Itamar Ben Zimra

Guitar: Nikola Stajic

Keyboards: Freyja Garbett and Keyhan Kamelian

Laouto: Vasilis Kostas

Bass: Lucy Clifford

Drums: Yogev Gabay


Mix: Inna Dudukina

Mastering: Kia Eshghi

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