Dashina is a world fusion band that features the resplendent voices of Balkan Traditional Music with elements of Rock and Jazz. The amount of collaboration for this project is astonishing, and we are very excited to share our music with you.


Ten talented and diverse musicians from around the world, Dashina produces an affecting and lavish take on world music. The  music of Dashina creates a unique experience for the listener by combining an extremely versatile band with three core vocalists. These musicians met while finishing their studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA and decided to join forces. Their amazing explosion of fierce harmonies ranges from spirited and sultry to poignant and dark, an impressive fusion of traditional, jazz, metal, and world music.

Inna Dudukina - voice, duduk

Novosibirsk, Russia

Inna Dudukina is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, composer, orchestrator, and  tyrant. At home in Siberia, Inna solidified her classical music background and jazz music theory foundations, then followed up in the United States of America, where she studied in Berklee College of Music . Her performance technique has garnered attention and praise from her peers, as well as specialized critics and fellow musicians; in her writing she specializes in incorporating Eastern melodies and Balkan singing techniques with Western orchestration traditions and fusion jazz harmonies.

While leading the rehearsals, she is equally divided between  Bender and Zoidberg behavior patterns.


Dana Protsenko - voice, flute

Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Before moving to Boston, Dana Protsenko sang and recorded with a number of jazz ensembles in California. In addition to jazz, Dana also spent time in the classical realm, performing solo classical recitals and  singing with the Sacramento-based women’s vocal ensemble Vox Musica.  In her new adventures, Dana is singing in multiple groups including Dashina, and ALLBE, a new progressive R&B band based in Brooklyn, NY. Dana’s goal is to continuously create music with a purpose to promote social and environmental change. She is currently playing Zelda: Twilight Princess and still waiting for her acceptance letter to Hogwarts.


Srishti Biyani - voice, bansuri

New Delhi, India

Srishti is a vocalist who began her hindustani classical training at a young age from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in New Delhi, India. Srishti went on to learn Bansuri from Shree Kailash Sharma beginning her performance career as a singer and a flutist across India. Srishti also attended an engineering college, due to her love of science. While pursuing an engineering degree, she kept her musical interests intact and continued her musical quest by taking up classical guitar. Given her interest in diverse musical styles, Srishti is also the producer and host of the show Traveller at the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN).  Presently, Srishti is investigating a murder with Sherlock. Watson is a appalled.


Itamar Ben Zimra - clarinet

Givatayim, Israel

Itamar is a performing clarinetist as well as an arranger and composer in a wide variety of styles from classical music and jazz, to Brazilian and ethnic world music. As part of an artistic family: a father who was a graphic designer, a mother who was a photographer and managed a theatre;  Itamar was exposed to many fields of art, which led him to study acting and perform in theatres. While studying classical music, he became drawn to jazz due to his uncle who played the saxophone. During Itamar’s studies in Israel, he performed with one of the most famous Israeli composers Yoni Rechter and with the jazz giant, Phil Woods. His love of cinema and music is what inspired him to move to Boston and pursue a full time career as Gollum.


Nerya Zidon - saxophones

Jerusalem, Israel

Nerya Zidon began studying Jazz at the age of 15 and immediately felt drawn to improvisation. He found it much easier to express himself with musical notes rather than words, and so continued his adventure into the jazz realm. Nerya played in multiple venues in Israel alongside well known musicians such as Billy Cobham, Mordy Ferber, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Whitfield, Eli Degibri, Anat Fort and Tammy Scheffer. But the most influential character in Nerya’s life was Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. He guided him through the mines of Moria on his pursuit to become the Mother of Dragons. A very difficult journey for a boy who came from a small home on Privet Drive.

Pia Salvia - harp

Bruxelles, Belgium

Pia Salvia is a classically trained harpist and vocalist. She has won numerous music competitions, such as: “Imagine”, Dexia “Axion Classic”, “Ufam”,  and “Felix Godefroid". Upon the completion of the Music Academy International of Nancy, France, Pia performed and recored for different projects in Europe,  and later attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. She has also spent time studying Mediterranean music, and traveled to Colombia and Brazil to explore new musical styles and cultures.

While in Belgium, Pia had only 8 cats and sometimes moonlights as cat woman.

Jiri Nedoma - keyboards

Prague, Czech Republic

Jiri Nedoma is a pianist from the Czech Republic. During his musical studies, he became a member of the prominent Czech Radio Big Band, performing with many jazz and pop artists across Europe. Jiri was a finalist in Belgium’s Jazz Hoeilaart International Contest; he was also one of two selectees to represent the Czech Republic at the Visegrad Alliance meeting of four central European states. Jiri left Prague for Boston, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in piano performance at Berklee College of Music, followed by the completion of his master’s degree at the New England Conservatory. Jiri has collaborated with Grammy award-winner Terri Lyne Carrington, as well as Grammy nominee Donna McElroy and the jazz luminary Hal Crook. He has also made multiple recordings with renowned singers and artists such as Gabrielle Goodman, Albino Mbie, Jeannie Gagne, and Nadia Washington.

So far he only had time for Tetris.

Yoel Genin - guitar, bouzouki

Eilat, Israel

Yoel Genin is a Guitarist, composer and arranger, who is known for blending musical styles such as Jazz, Fusion, Progressive Metal, Israeli and Middle Eastern music. Yoel started his musical endeavors at the age of 6 and continued to study at the Rimon school of Music in Israel. Yoel is leading his own instrumental Prog-Metal- Jazz group, HAGO, as well as playing in other prog-metal bands such as ARP and Soul Enema. Yoel is also very critical about Hummus. Thou shalt respect the 24 hour process.

Guy Bernfeld - bass

Herzliya, Israel

Guy Bernfeld is a bass player, teacher, composer, arranger and producer. While residing in Israel, Guy played in various groups such as The Gag Quartet, Anakdota, Pie Q, and Carmel Apple Pop. While being a proper metal head, Guy also received jazz and classical training at the Rimon School of Music.  Now in Boston, Guy is immersing himself in world music styles and League of Legends. Along with Dashina, Guy performs with a Prog-Metal Jazz Group called HAGO and the Berklee Indian Ensemble, in which he is one of the featured arrangers.

Yogev Gabay - drums, percussion

Be'er Sheva, Israel

Yogev was born to a musical family and quickly expressed his love to noise making. Yogev started drum lessons at the age of 8 at the local conservatory. His long time inspiration and hero has been Animal (Sesame Street). Yogev hit the performing and recording scene; playing with various artists in recording sessions, tours, and videos ranging a wide variety of styles including Metal and Middle Eastern to Jazz and Electronic Music. With his extensive experience, he has also  become a featured artist by Meinl Cymbals. Yogev currently lives in Boston and is playing and recording as much as his human capacity allows him. When human capacity doesn’t allow, Yogev  watches Star Wars.

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