About Dashina:

Dashina is a world fusion band that features the resplendent voices of Traditional Music with elements of Rock and Jazz. The amount of collaboration for this project is astonishing, and we are very excited to share our music with you.


Ten talented and diverse musicians from around the world, Dashina produces an affecting and lavish take on world music. The  music of Dashina creates a unique experience for the listener by combining an extremely versatile band with three core vocalists. Their amazing explosion of fierce harmonies ranges from spirited and sultry to poignant and dark, an impressive fusion of traditional, jazz, metal, and world music.

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Upcoming Events:

June 22nd, 2017  @ 12pm

100 Summer Street,

Boston, MA


September 1st, 2017  @ 12pm

The Lawn on D

420 D Street, Boston, MA


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